Few projects have had such a profound and lasting effect on the world as the Manhattan Project. Today, after it was approved 70 years ago by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, its legacy is felt in nuclear medicine, military defence, terrorist threats, and the production of energy. What was remarkable about this project was that to succeed it had to push through the frontiers of knowledge in ways that are impressive even by today’s standards.

The significance of the Manhattan Project was that it put an end to WWII by using weapons of mass destruction and forced Japan to surrender. The negative effects of the Manhattan Project was that it also gave other countries the opportunity to develop nuclear weapons that are more powerful, which could pose a threat on the well being of every human being on the planet.

The legacy is without doubt great, it produced great advances in physics, engineering and is the origins for many areas such as nuclear energy and nuclear medicine.


http://manhattanproject-rui-uhs.weebly.com/conclusion.htmlatomic bomb photoPhoto by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

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  1. Hassan 8 months ago

    I agree with you because amercia make Weapons of mass destruction for Subjugation of the Japanese But many innocent people were killed.

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