While studying Jimmy Nelson’s photography and techniques for his portraits, I saw that he changed his depth of field depending on what he was trying to draw attention to in his pictures. For his portraits, he would use a shallow depth of field to blur out the background and keep the attention on the person. But for his group photos, his depth of field would be deeper, keeping some of the background to keep the photo interesting still. The changing of depth of field would also change the aperture.

Jimmy Nelson’s photography is also very bright. He uses the colors of the tribes he is taking pictures of to make the pictures interesting and to grab people’s attention. Often times, he is trying to highlight one major color in his pictures, like the red clothes the person is wearing, or the yellow face paint they have on.

I think that through his photography, he is trying to show the world there are tribes that are dying off and he is trying to capture what the tribes are like to bring awareness to the depleting population. The more well know his photography becomes, the more people will know about the tribes in the his pictures. Nelson is trying to grab our attention and help the tribes through his bright, storytelling photography. I think that because his pictures are so bright and lively, he is doing a good job at bringing this issue to people’s attention and showing them what life for some of the tribes is really like.



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