Question/topic: How has homelessness evolved in Salt Lake City the last 50 years? Who were the homeless in 1967? How did they become homeless and how and what happened to create an extraordinary growing number of homeless men, women and children now?

The reason I chose this topic is because in my opinion it is something really interesting. Also homelessness has effected me in many ways though a loved one.  I wanted to know more about it and and learn how it affects not only me but my community, SLC. What I know so far is that homelessness involves a great use and selling of drugs.

The first source I found was a small textbook that was written by the Department of Workforce Services. I found this source on google. The textbook has a ton of information and comparisons on homelessness in the state of Utah. The book talks about the Chronically Homeless, Families, Domestic Violence, Unaccompanied Youth and Veterans and lots more. I feel like this source is very helpful because it helps with statistics and facts, which can help back-up my research! I Found some other articles discussing the problem of homelessness in SLC today. They also describe who they are and how the community if dealing with them. I did have a hard time finding a good source explaining who the homeless where in the 1960s in great detail.


google: (Department of Workforce Services Link)


Critical mass: How did Salt Lake get to this state of homelessness?


Behind the headlines’: Homelessness in SLC, McMullin’s rise, threatening calls to GOP leader:



CC BY-SA 4.0 Homelessness in SLC, UT by Marren is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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