Being Dead written by Vivian Vande Velde,

In this book a boy named Danny was a having a bad day because they were moving to a little town. He was feeling carsick and his sister and brother were being really annoying. When they moved to the little town he thought that it was going to be so horrible. The rest of his family was having fun but he felt really weird and that there was something following him. He was kind of paranoid because he always felt like there was something behind him. That is where I stopped in the book for now. I can relate to this because sometimes I feel paranoid because sometimes I feel like there is something behind me or if I hear a sound even though there is nothing there.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Being Dead by Kevin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Vail 9 months ago

    I too get paranoid when I’m alone at the house or walking outside at night. When I’m in these situations I try to take my mind off of it by thinking about the things that make me feel happy and comfortable.

  2. Autumn 9 months ago

    Hi Kevin,
    This book sounds really interesting. I like books that are so intense it is hard to put them down. I too get paranoid that someone is following behind me. Everytime I go to my car at night I run to it and jump into my car because I am scared someone could also be under my car. I also run up stairs from my basement and never stay down there alone, as I am scared someone is down their following right behind me.

  3. Rylan 10 months ago

    That is relatable in my opinion. I sometimes find myself in a similar situation where I think I heard or saw something.

  4. Andre 10 months ago

    I can relate to that feeling as well. Sometimes I feel like i’m being followed by someone. I bet the book will have a twist and somebody will be following him.

  5. Tala 10 months ago

    I feel like many can relate to that feeling as well. I am very curious to hear what happens next in this book. Is his feeling of paranoia going to translate into something or not?

  6. Vasha 10 months ago

    I feel this way as well so I usually stay with groups of people so that feeling that doesn’t always come.

  7. Aarush 10 months ago

    I sometimes feel that way as well but I just try to go into a open space or space with people just to feel more comfortable.

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