The topic of animals understanding complex emotions is interesting to me because first, I watched a documentary about a gorilla named Koko who knows sign language which sparked my interest, and second, I want to know that my dog loves me as much as I love him. I do think that animals can understand complex emotions and can relate those emotions back to us. My research would accomplish the satisfaction of knowing that my dogs loves me back and gets jealous when I spend time with other dogs.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Animals with complex emotions are important because I want my dog to love me. by Isa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Laura 10 months ago

    Everyone with pets wishes they could express feelings back to us other than shaking their leg when you scratch “the spot”. I too would enjoy the follow up post on this topic, especially if you find out exactly what traits dog have and what they mean.

  2. Kendall 11 months ago

    I also wonder if my dog can feel emotion. I want my dog to love me as well, as he’s an important part of my family. Looking forward to another post on this subject!

  3. Naomi 11 months ago

    Hey Isa!

    I love the topic of your research! So many people have dogs, and I know for a fact that your not the only one interested in how much dogs understand our emotions. I wonder how this understanding differs between different animal species, like cats versus dogs?


  4. Ryan 11 months ago

    I think its amazing how the gorilla was able to use sign language its amazing to hear about that. I wonder if gorillas are evolving or if koko is just smarter than other gorillas. Interesting

  5. Pavan 11 months ago

    This seems really interesting, especially that documentary. What was it called? I’d love to give it a watch. I’d definitely love to see another post based on your research, just like Adam.

  6. Adam 11 months ago

    I too am interested in this topic, and I also want my dogs to love me. I’d like to see where your research leads you and hopefully we see another post on what you find out, because I also think that dogs are capable of complex emotions.

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