Animal testing is immoral and should be eliminated. In our modern society animal testing has become obsolete, and there are many new promising replacements. Texas A&M University is helping to test tissue chips, which would be an alternative to human and animal testing. The tissue chips are tiny bioengineered systems that mimic the organs and tissues of the human body. They are designed to test the safety and efficiency of drugs. Ivan Rusyn, PhD, MD, professor of veterinary integrative biosciences at the university says that the chips “may improve our ability to ensure that a drug is safe before clinical trials begin and could ultimately replace drug testing in humans and animals” (Irish University Review). The National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Advancing Translational Science (NCATS) has even given the university a $4.2 million dollar grant to continue their research. This money will help test and validate the devices and compare them to similar chips being developed at other universities and companies. These chips could even be more effective than animal testing. Researchers hope the tissue chips will serve to more accurately imitate whole human tissues and organs. This is a very promising new field of research, that could eliminate animal testing altogether.


“‘Tissue chips’ may become alternative to animal testing.” Irish University Review: a journal of Irish Studies, vol. 47, no. 12, 2016, p. 15. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 28 Feb. 2017.

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  1. Jasmin 12 months ago

    Dear Mae,
    I 100% agree with you that animal testing should stop. This tissue chip will hopefully decrease the number of animals harmed in laboratory testing. Animals have rights too even though they can’t fight for them like we do. One thing that stood out to me was “These chips could even be more effective than animal testing. ” This stood out to me because if the chips do turn out to be more accurate than animal testing, then it will be a win win situation for both humans and animals. This will help us because new medications might be found without harming any living thing. I am looking forward to what you post next. Thank you for your post.

  2. Nikki 12 months ago

    Thank for writing this article, I have never heard of tissue chips before. This seems like a great alternative to animal testing and I hope to see companies use this method in the future.

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