The ability for private companies to participate in space travel is essential to the exploration of the Fermi Paradox. On EBSCO, I found an article that explains how private companies get authorization for space travel. What I found is that they must have a very explicit goal and strategy to obtain this goal, once they show all the math to the board, the board then decides whether its beneficial and safe for they company to take part in space travel. What this means for the fermi paradox is that the board might not agree with exploration into the proving of a topic like this.


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  1. Charlie 3 years ago

    Jack I found this post very interesting and I’ve always wondered if any billionaire can just decide to build and space ship. This might be an interesting topic in 50 years when space travel might be more common and territories might be disputed as to who owns what. I wonder who this “board” is that must approve the mission and confirm the mathematics behind the exploration. I’m a little confused on what the Fermi paradox is and some further explanation into that would be helpful.

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