We all have voices in our heads.   For me, it narrates what I do, what I’m thinking, I argue against it, reason with it, and it voices (internally) these words as I type them.  I hear that voice every day, yet, if I were asked to describe it, I would fail.  It doesn’t really sound like me.  It’s deeper than my real “voice” and it uses different diction than what I would vocally use. I can make it shout and whisper all at the same volume, which I certainly can’t do when I talk to other people.  And sometimes, my internal voice has a mind of its own, narrating my life even when I tell it to stop (humorously, I suppose it’s the same voice telling itself to stop).   The scientific term for this sometimes annoying voice is “inner speech.”  It encourages us, gives us parent-like tips, insults us, and has grown with us.  My voice has changed as I have gotten older (notice I didn’t write matured), through new experiences, perspectives, and knowledge.  I have noticed this especially when I talk or hang out with younger friends.  In situations that require a judgment call, they often react as I would have at their age, but now my inner speech encourages me to think and act differently.  My inner voice reflects all the things that have shaped me as a person and echoes strong ideals from experiences and others that will continue to morph and change as I become older.



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  1. Ryan 4 years ago

    I really enjoyed this piece! I sometimes notice that same voice. You can’t explain it or tell what it says but its there. Sometimes not always a voice, its then a feeling or a smell that helps me.

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