Author: Rylan

The Sleepy Prince

Once upon a time there was a young prince from afar off land.  His parents were kind and noble.  The young prince’s name was Phillip.  Phillip enjoyed playing in the yard and taking treats from the kitchen, even when he was not supposed to.  One day when young Phillip was sneaking about in the kitchen he saw the most exquisite cake.  There were layers upon layers of frosting and atop the masterpiece there was a beautifully sculpted knight fighting a dragon.  Little Philip stared at the cake from his hiding place and studied the paths of the chef waiting for his chance.  After what seemed like ages he sprang and snatched the cake taking special caution to not drop the enormous treat.  With cake in hand, Phillip tiptoed out of the kitchen and into his bed chamber.  Without any caution he ate handful after handful of delicious cake.  Upon the last bite of cake Phillip noticed a message on the platter that had been covered by layers and layers of icing.  The message read “How’d the Temazepam taste?”  It took Phillip a moment to comprehend that he had just eaten a cake laced with sleeping medication.  A moment later the young prince was falling to the floor of his bed chamber and into a deep sleep.