Over time the voice inside of me has evolved and has become more mature. I think more before I speak. I am also more patient with people then I used to be. I still have a way to go but otherwise. When I was younger I was not able to control myself. I would get very annoyed when people would not give me any attention when I would be talking. So I would interrupt my friends while they are talking. I would always want everyone to listen to me and not others. I saw myself as the most important as does every young boy. They need to be the center of attention in their world. I was exactly that. After a long time of learning i grew up to realize that you need to wait and let others be able to say what they have to say and then respond when they are done.

I can remember a time when my family was going on vacation to Marradi, Italy. We were travelling down there and my parents stopped at a winery on the way down. They wanted to see if anything looked good for them. Ate the time I was about 7 years old. Like any 7-year-old I’m very impatient and want to get to our destination so that I can charge my Nintendo DS and play my Mario game. My parents are looking around for different Pino’s. I’m just standing there looking at these bottles and don’t understand anything because all I care about is my game I want to finish. So I go up to my parents and start asking them if we can go home. They tell me to wait a little but I just can’t. I come back to them two minutes later demanding that we go. My father then turns to me and says; “Luca you have to learn to wait. Let me and mom look at what we want. When we will be done we’ll make our way to Nona’s.” I then went back to the car and sat in it and started to get mad and unhappy but then my anger changed to me making up a story based on what I had in the car. I’ve over time realized that if I get impatient I should just start to think about something else or maybe entertaining myself by thinking of a story and see where it goes.


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  1. Will 2 years ago

    I really liked how you tied in the personal stories. I think you did a good job of highlighting this, and I feel that strong writers tend to work their own experiences into their pieces. How do you think patience is going to continue affecting your life? Do you think you will continue to get more patient and understanding as you grow older?

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