What can be done to help further prevent future hackings and data breaches?

From the resources of the online data bases, I have gathered that there is a lot one can do to help to prevent hackings and a lot from which they can learn of how hackers are trying new methods. First and foremost is the most common way to help prevent hackings for those who run a website. An article on EBSCO shows the three most common ways one can help prevent hackings. 1) Update as soon as possible. This is a simple way to keep a site in working condition and it help prevent hackers from using out of date methods to break into the network. 2) Don’t forget your plugins and themes. A hacker can use an out of date plugin as a backdoor to your site. 3) Regularly maintain your site. This is just common sense. If you keep a close eye on your site, you will be able to see anything that is going on whether it be someone changing small things about your site or major changes. If you don’t have the time for this, it may be time do invest in a web admin who monitors the site full time. While these methods may keep your site safe for the time being there are always new methods being used by hackers to break into places they’re not supposed to be. Another article mentions a new method that has come to light known as machine learning. While a computer knows who has the right credentials to access certain files, there are those who wish to access what they aren’t allowed to see. The method involves infecting the machine with some sort of virus or a program that tricks the computer and overlays the right credential on something that isn’t right. For example, if one were to upload an image of a dog, they could overlay the program onto the image and the computer would see something else. While there are new methods being used every day the final article shows that there are new ways to combat these new ways. For people in England, it is a matter of them joining a contest where they are put to the test in defending a “company” and its network. It starts as a pool of 1000 but soon lessens to about 30 as people are eliminated from the contest. While the goal of it is to be the winner, the real prize is picking up sponsors and being eyed by cyber security firms. It is a contest but its also a way for firms to scout out the new faces of the game. The world is only getting more and more technological every day and we need people who can keep up with the new methods that are being used.




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