In Washington, D.C., constant crime and grim occurrences take place often. Carrie Minor Johnson shot and killed Harry Wilson in a second floor bedroom of her house in northwest Washington, District of Columbia. Johnson was a seventeen-year-old African American woman, and Wilson a detective sergeant of the Municipal Police Department. Wilson had burst into Johnson’s house at the head of a group of policemen seeking to capture a sniper who had been shooting at several white people on the street outside.
After Wilson fell, one of his fellows emptied his revolver into the darkened room, injuring Johnson and her father, both of whom were then pulled out from under a bed, arrested, and brought out to the street to await an ambulance. According to the Washington Evening Star , a bystander told Johnson that “fear of creating further trouble was the only thing that prevented a rope from being placed about her neck.”
D.C. is a place of commerce in which robberies take place, and many horrible crimes occur.

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