Author: Ruby

The letter nobody wanted

To the YV community, this is my response to the Warm-Up for English class today. We are studying Shakespeare’s Othello and exploring the theme of appearance versus reality.


Dear Roberto,

I just found out  that a girl likes you. I walked in the girls bathroom and heard that she likes a senior who’s in architecture academy and said your name! Well I would not be happy to tell you that the girl that likes you is the same girl she broke your brother’s heart. I don’t know about you but this girl is mad crazy about you, I also heard she would do anything to get at you. She specifically said she will do some kind of voodoo to you if for some reason you don’t approach to her. I mean how could you? She broke your brother’s heart by dating your friend Pablo and now she wants you. We all know Pablo doesn’t care who he dates but at this point she will do anything to be your girlfriend. I don’t care if you date her just take in mind what kind of girl she is.



Ruby Hernandez