Some of the stressors that impact our day to day life don’t just come out of the air.Stress that impact our day to day life start up when things start getting cramped up in our day to day life,like trying to get a lot done or nervous/eager for something.All of these can activate stress,Stress does not switch on out of nowhere most of the time it’s quite.if stress is activated for too long it can start having effects on the brain.

I have felt these problems over and over again in my body. I mostly start feeling them in my senior year and it’s really getting to me and having a big impact on my brain. My emotions is going crazy having a war with one another about doing things and saying i’m going to do things and then push them to the side. All these effects play a role on my learning and the way i focus in class because if i come in class stress i tend not to do the homework.

Some of the things i  have seen that was interesting was when  they was talking about “how stress don’t just come and it’s actually very settle” this was very interesting to me because I always thought different about stress in thought it come whenever someone is hurting but it actually come when someone is stressing over a test or something that make them nervous or when the person is very eager to get something done. Another thing that stood out to me was when they said  “stress play a role with your brain and can impact your learning”.

Some of the benefits that this would have on my physiology is mostly good.The reason why is because i would not be so stressed out and i would be focus on the school a little better and I would be more relieved.


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