“A Day Without Immigrants” is a day where immigrants stay home and don’t go to school, work, stores, etc to show that we are needed in society. Even though many people I know are immigrants I do not support this movement. For example what if you barely got your check and you need food and stuff for your family and all the stores are closed because of this event, immigrants are basically hurting themselves. If people would want to have their voice heard you would push forward and show that you are immune to the hate that you get when you go to work and school and still go anyways. This movement is supposed to show Donald Trump that we are important and that we are needed for the economy. By not being present at work and school it’s supposed to show Trump this but this really isn’t affecting him at all.  Trump has a large amount of money and I don’t think that it would really do anything and this is why I do not support this day. Overall, I think that we the people are important but, that we should show and express it in another way.

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  1. Unser 2 years ago

    I agree that while the premise of the movement may have had good intentions, the execution was flawed and it wasn’t very well thought out. The end goal, to show the importance of immigrants to America, can’t be achieved in this way especially since businesses usually aren’t so fragile that a change for only a day will affect it greatly. Even if there was an impact, it would only be negative, jeopardizing people’s jobs among other things. A movement like this can also be abused, used as an excuse to take a day off for those who have no ties to the larger cause and diminishing its integrity. How might immigrants better express their value to the nation in a more positive manner? Perhaps there is a need to address the root cause for this movement, immigrants feeling their positions in society are being threatened?

  2. Gigi 2 years ago

    This is an interesting topic especially because I didn’t know before that there is a movement dedicated to staying home from work for immigrants. I think in theory this is a good idea, but I actually agree with Maddie that, while I don’t personally support trump’s policies, I don’t think he is taking aim at all immigrants. I don’t think he is trying to uproot all immigrants from the United States. I do agree with you though that this movement isn’t very effective because this won’t prove anything to Trump; Trump is in a very high up position and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t notice any changes to the country if immigrants stopped working for one day. I thought this was a very interesting topic; good work!

  3. Ben 2 years ago

    This is a very interesting movement. Not only does it send of a great message, but it is a great eye opener. Obviously, immigrants have huge impact in the United States, but I don’t think people realize how big of an impact they make. This movement really shows the power of immigrants and how great they are for our country. Great article!

  4. Mary 2 years ago

    This is a great article. It affected me because my mom ended up not going to work becuase shes immagrant. I also agree with how you said not going to work isnt the best idea because instead of stopping you sould try harder than ever and show your “immigrant worth”.

  5. Maddie 2 years ago

    Are you saying that you think this would be a good thing to do? Or is it something that is happening somewhere? I don’t think a day without immigrants is a good direction to go in to show Trump the importance of all races in our nation. Also, President Trump does not hold things against people of all races, I believe he specifically targets people he presumes to be as terrorists. Even though the way he goes about deciding who the “terrorists” are is not correct whatsoever, he does not think all immigrants are terrible and not people that help our country. Your ideas are solid ideas, and I like your thoughts but I wanted to let you know my opinion and what I feel about the situation and see if you could see things through my POV.

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