Between 3 million and 4 million adult women in the United States are abused yearly by an intimate partner. Most women don’t speak up. Most women don’t speak up because of embarrassment, or they get manipulated by men and make them think they are actually a good partner. That means there isn’t a solution to end domestic violence.

                 Firstly, a large number of women are not speaking up about domestic violence. In an article, it stated,  “ 25% percent of domestic violence victims don’t report.”  Most women don’t speak up. In the article “Why Don’t Women Report Their Attackers?” by Danielle Shapiro said, “A new study finds that only seven percent of women worldwide report gender-based violence against them”. This really stood out to me because that means only 7% of women are getting help. What about the others? How can we help them if they’re not speaking up? This Based on this evidence it is clear that there is not a solution for domestic violence.

Secondly, there are many reasons why women are not speaking up. In the article “Want To Know Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault?” by Nina Bahadur it said, “It’s because of how they are treated when they do”. This really stood out to me because I feel like when women speak up about this they are treated differently. Having empathy, and putting ourselves in these women’s shoes, women would feel humiliated and worried to speak up. In addition, women also are not speaking up because women don’t decide to speak up because people won’t believe her. In the article “This is why domestic violence victims don’t speak up, Johnny” and it said,  “It is the biggest fear of a woman who is being abused that people won’t believe her”. I agree to this because we can’t help people that are in trouble.

Some may argue that there is a solution to end domestic violence. They talk about all the support groups and programs. Yes, that might do a change but the programs would only benefit the 7% of women that reported and are speaking up. What about the ones that are not speaking up?
So, in conclusion, there isn’t a solution to end domestic violence. Sometimes women don’t show up to support groups. Any support would only benefit the 7% of women that are speaking up.

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  1. Ebony 3 years ago

    I truly agree with what you are saying, how are supposed to help these women that are being abused they don’t deserve that no matter how they are no one deserves to be abused.

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