Dear all Black Lives Matter movement people,

The Black Lives Matter Movement is in my opinion a very disgraceful and idiotic movement. This movement is massively flawed because this movement mainly started because of a white police officer that shot and killed a man but now people get mad when a white police officer kills a black man without looking through the facts of the man that has been killed and the man that shot him. For example a man named Sylville Smith was shot and killed by a police officer but, right after this happened people started rioting the streets and they were vandalizing a lot of private property but they didn’t seem to notice that the man that was killed had acquired a gun illegally and was told several times to put it down. In return the man was killed and the rioters also seem to not notice the man’s arrest history and that the officer that shot him was also BLACK. Therefore I have gone against the movement and its actions. Although there have been many cases of the men being killed because they were carrying weapons, but some cases are about black men being wrongfully killed. I got my information on this post from


  1. Reyna 3 years ago

    I agree that the BLM movement is not perfect. But it’s a very important movement. It has help spread awareness that in this time and age racism still exist.I agree that maybe some actions haven’t been the best but we can base all a whole movement on the actions of a couple people. The BLM movement is more than just protesting it’s about empowering black people and it has a lot of positive actions they be doing as well. I like your example on how in that case their action wasn’t the best but research both sides of the movement even the lowkey helping out community people because you will see a different light on the movement.

  2. Justin 3 years ago


    I’ll grant you that the BLM movement is not perfect, but I feel the words “disgraceful” and “idiotic” are a bit too strong. I think a better description here might be “misguided.” To me, it appears that many of the stories cited in support of the movement are somewhat isolated cases, and that the real issue is the fact that law enforcement personnel go through far too little sensitivity training before they are handed a device that can kill people by just moving their finger an inch. Firing a gun in the heat of the moment is not a difficult thing to do, and I personally believe that very few officers actually acted with malicious intent. I think that the real issue here is that officers a trigger-happy, not that they’re racists. Perhaps this problem could be solved by issuing non-lethal weapons to law-enforcement?

  3. dhud 3 years ago

    I do not agree with you and not one once in my body does, I don’t mean to put you and your views down. I just want to address that what you think is wrong but it’s completely fine because of the country we live in. I being a young black man am drawn to a lot more attention simply because the color of my attention and often times its not positive. For years black lives have been taken for granted(America was built on black lives and yet we get no credit) and now that we are being killed simply because we are found intimidated is disgusting. You dont have to agree with me and I honestly won’t care I’m glad there is people like you in the world to balance things out but murder is murder no matter if its black on black or white on black. I hope you began to see the flaws your mind wont allow you to see.

  4. Jack 3 years ago

    Imagine being a police officer in America today. You are one the most hated people in America and yet you are still responsible for protecting all of its citizens. It blows my mind that people have lost sight of the purpose of police. Sure they screw up sometimes and they pay the consequences for that, but for people to test police as bad as they do today, I am surprised that it does not occur more often. Being a cop is one of the most stressful jobs in America and you never know if you are going to return home that night. If citizens and police could respect each other more, that would be best for all of America.

  5. Leah 3 years ago

    MURDER is MURDER if you killed someone you are guilty. Though all of these police officers, WHITE men were not found guilty,… very ironic. Black lives is a movement for more than the recent mass killings of young black men, it is for unfair everyday treatment and justice served to ALL Black LIves, as would of another race. I believe that you should do a little more research and be a little more careful choosing your words. Especially since you have no physical prove in which you can determine the men being guilty for their own deaths. If you have no personal interest, then you shouldn’t have an opinion at all. Furthermore, your “opinions” is “Idiotic”, “disgraceful” and very ignorant to post in the first place. Rather than trying to evoke emotions to go against something you do not understand, try to find the deeper meaning behind it to understand who you are as a person. Purpose over opinions. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

  6. Ariel 3 years ago

    BLM is simply a movement to remind the nation, and this nation’s law enforcement that black lives matter TOO (you know, as well, in addition to, in conjunction with) because it seems as though people have forgotten. Also it is not fair to say that BLM is violent or that they vandalize property because those people are not claimed by the movement.

    Please look at this website and educate yourself further.

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