To begin, the novel 1984 connects to the year 2017 because propaganda is still active. This is true because we still see advertisements that are extremely biased and potentially even harmful, and it seems as if things haven’t changed since the prediction of life in the year 1984. For instance, Big Brother is this image that when everyone sees him, they almost become mindless and have tendency to follow whatever he says. Big Brother promotes himself as an always correct, positively influencing person. However, he is far from it. His slogan read:




Propaganda is being spread by someone who has a lot of power in that society, Big Brother. As previously stated, he is someone who is looked up to by many, and hated by few. His followers are blinded by his image and can’t see what the larger message is here. No one can change someone’s beliefs, only influence them. The followers are exposed to completely biased opinions and meaningless pieces of how someone should perceive their own reality. Someone who can relate to the same exact power as Big Brother is, Donald Trump. He spreads around all this biased, harmful, completely incorrect information about how he views society to his followers. As Big Brother, people see him as an image that is never wrong and that is always right. Such example of this is his main slogan, “Make America Great Again”. His followers will inevitably follow this slogan blindlessly and not realize how incorrect this slogan is. How does Donald Trump get rid of people who may threaten his power and/or help influence his followers into believing otherwise? He does this such as travel bans and things like removing working VISA’s to get rid of people who go against him. He portrays it as he wants to protect the U.S, but in reality, all he wants is power. In conclusion, our society can relate to the book 1984 more than we think.

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  1. Nina 2 years ago

    Alexis thank you so much for such a powerful connection and post. I especially liked your comment: “He spreads around all this biased, harmful, completely incorrect information about how he views society to his followers.” I totally agree with you and it reminds you how important what we see and take in, in terms of news. People are convinced by what they see and hear and image and words are powerful. I remember when during the election people often dismissed what he said, and said it wouldn’t go anywhere and he wouldn’t win. However, now he has because of his words and many people consented to this rhetoric. In many ways 1984 was a warning and a lesson and it is powerful to read your words here today.

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