To begin, the novel Divergent connects to 2017 because in the book people in Dauntless are trying to be controlled by Erudite and Abnegation to overthrow them. Christina explains, “Absorbed into dauntless army. I know what that means – she wants to control them, too, She wants everyone to be pliable and easy to control” (430). This quote proves the novel connects to 2017. Some similarities are that the new United States of America’s president is mind controlling people into thinking he’s trying to make America great again. Just like the leader of Abnegation says she’s gonna make their place a better place by killing divergents and overthrowing dauntless. The U.S president wants to overthrow people that weren’t originally from here yet we (immigrants) made everything. Abnegation and Erudite may want to kill divergents but they are the answer to the future. To conclude, the book divergent connects to our present in various ways government wise.



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  1. Nina 4 years ago

    Thank you Katie for your post. I really agree with you and your connection to our current administration in Washington. Keep writing your opinions!

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