To begin, in the novel ” Uglies” does connect to 2017 because many people fear of the government the actions they use to manipulate other t0 do what they want. Also the people don’t know how to defend themselves so they fear that they will be going to where the  government wants them to belong. In my book there are three types of people and they are uglies,pretties, and the rusties. Each of this group are segregated by the government and they each fear of the actions they do because the government might take away the privileges the people have in there own city. In the book Tally went to a building where the special circumstance where, and she explain ” They landed with a painful bump, and the man led her into one of the buildings, and down into a murk of yellow-brown hallways”(100). This matter because on the day of the operation Tally went to a building where the special where but she didn’t know that she was going to help them with a little situation that would change her life forever. Also Tally is kind of scare because she doesn’t know what’s going on and so maybe she doesn’t know what is going on with her own life. In a conclusion The main points are that the people in 2017 and in the book have fear with the government because they don’t know what doto and don’t know what the government will do to them and if there life will change for ever.




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