In the book Two Badges: The Lives of Mona Ruiz Mona changes her ways as she grows up. Mona’s father told her to never be in a gang and to become a police officer. As Mona started growing up she got into a gang, later on she got a job offer at the police station. Once Mona stared working at the police station, people from the gang found out and started to trip off of her working in the police station. I’ve related to it because I remember I used to get bad grades and do a lot of things I regret doing. My mom and grandma wanted me to get better grades and start helping out more often, one day I just decided that the bad life wasn’t for me. I started getting good grades and came home right after school to help out. The theme reminded me of lots of things, but most likely the way I changes from middle school into high school. Now I’m doing good, and I just have to make sure to keep doing good all through high school.




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