1984 is a book written by George Orwell. It was published in the Eight of June, year 1949. The narrative delves into a “utopian” society where every action is recorded in the public eye. You can never be sure if anything you’re doing is wrong until you receive the consequences for it. Being vaporized from existence, forced to live your days in a labor camp, and being forgotten altogether are some of the nightmares residing in this “utopia”. In present time, we may not be far from likes of this world. 2016 has proven to be one stressing year for man. Will 2017 pick up the broken pieces of its predecessor and repeat the same times again?




To be continued, I guess

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  1. Natalya 2 years ago

    Dear Arjen,

    I keep seeing this connection between the current world and the book 1984. I personally have not read it but am seriously looking at picking it up next time I am at the library. I liked the cliffhanger ending of this post quite a bit. It adds to the feeling of trepidation that connections to “utopian” books like this provides. I agree with Nina on the thought that I would like to see you expand your thoughts more. I really do enjoy the way you are going with this!

    Thanks for your writing,


  2. Nina 2 years ago

    Dear Arjen,

    I really was haunted by the connection you made in your post. In many ways your post read like a cliff hanger, leaving me to want more and more evidence to either disprove this scary connection or to prove it stronger in order to create social change. I really liked the line: “In present time, we may not be far from likes of this world.” Can you unpack this more? What are you seeing today in detail that reminds you of 1984, how are we not far from the description of 1984 you wrote about above. I do hope you expand more on this post as it is very intriguing. Thank you for your writing and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

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