To begin, the novel Fahrenheit 451 connects to 2017 because people consent to those in power. In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, by Rad Bradbury, is about the protagonist, Guy Montag, was a fireman who burns books because he lives in an era where books are banned by the government. How this is parallel to our world and Guy’s world is that we both lived under institutional oppression. “Police suggests entire population in the Elm Terrace area do as the following: Everyone in the house in the street open a front or rear door or look from the windows” (131-132). Institutional oppression is when government oppresses the lower class, and this quote shows that the police, which is part of the government branch, enforces people to do as follow but…


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  1. Nina 2 years ago

    Dear Alex,

    Thank you so much for your post and uplifting the parallel you found of institutional oppression. I think it is true that both exist in both worlds. I really liked your line: “How this is parallel to our world and Guy’s world is that we both lived under institutional oppression.” It is a very strong claim that sets up your argument clearly. However, I then became confused in your post since you did not introduce your evidence instead it was just dropped in the next sentence without a citation. Was this from your book or was this quote from an article? I hope that you add to this post to make it a little clearer because you have a strong claim. Thank you for writing and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on this.

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