The novel Divergent is connected to today because both societies are dividing people into races or into fractions. For example, At the beginning of Divergent, Tris states that people will be separated because of their race and will be separated from their family to chose to go to a faction, a group of people. She is consenting to the government. They have created factions to get control over people. In 2017 the president wants to kick out all of the undocumented people that work really hard to make “America great again”people also consent and brake the rules and will find a way to come back to america. This connects to the book because this is separating people to make the world better again and to have more control and peace in the community.


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  1. Nina 2 years ago

    Hector, thank you for your post about Divergent and its connection to today, specifically with the power of people consenting. I really like your examples of where people consent in both situations and thinking about how powerful consent is. Why do you think people consent? Do you think they really have a choice, or is fear too powerful?

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