To begin, the novel Divergent connects to our world because there are many people that think women are weak because of their strength but that’s not true and women can be strong, like Tris. For example, when she first becomes Dauntless they doubt her to jump and make the jump. It shows that in the novel they were doubting on Tris to jump but actually did. This is happening live in our world because many males doubt that women are able to do a lot. This is why we have a wage gap and women are paid less than men.

Also, Divergent is related to our world because people are being forced to leave the USA in 2017 because of immigration and also our new president, just like people are forced to leave their factions. An example, as in when the book was barely beginning people were forced to go to the aptitude test to check which out of the 5 factions they would need to be in. This relates to 2017 because




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  1. Nina 3 years ago


    Thank you so much for your post; I really enjoyed reading it. A line that stood out to me was: “many people that think women are weak because of their strength but that’s not true and women can be strong, like Tris.” I liked this line because it was a different way to look at your novel, but seeing the female protagonist. It is true women are strong and are fearless, but are often not portrayed that way in the media, the news, or in fiction. It is great that Divergent not only shows that people doubt women, but also shows the woman standing up to this doubt.

    Keep Writing!

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