To begin, the novel Uglies does connect to the 2017 world because in the book there is 2 groups of people, the uglies and the pretties. This connects to 2017 because Donald Trump is separating the the colored people with white people. In the book Tally explains how you can only turn pretty when you’re 16, meaning that if you’re not 16 you don’t fit in and you don’t have benefits. In the real world if you’re a different race other than white you don’t belong in America, so if you’re not white you are an Immigrant. In the book Tally explains, “Twelve was the definitely turning point when you change from a cute littleie into an oversized undereducated ugly.” (74) This quote matters because it shows how you have an assigned group for every age. This is consent because they are controlling the kids and the parents because that’s how the parents lived as well. in conclusion this shows how Donald Trump is separating the races. IN the b0ok you have to be 16 to turn pretty in the world you have to be white to be legal.


CC BY-SA 4.0 How does “Uglies” connect to the 2017 world? by Adanely is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Nina 2 years ago

    Dear Adanely,

    I am moved by your post “How does Uglies connect to the 2017 world?” because I have seen these similarities as well. I think making a connection between the world and literature is very important and you have made a very meaningful one. This makes me think that more people should read your novel to understand better what is happening right now in the world. If in the book, it is considered a dystopia, why are people accepting what is happening today?

    Some feedback for your writing to remember: It is important to not use “you” in academic writing and to really think who that “you” is. Is it people? Is it adults? Is it teenagers? The more precise you are the stronger your writing will be.

    Thanks for your post and look forward to reading what you write next.

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