To begin, the novel 1984 by George Orwell connects to our society today because in both worlds, the dominant group uses propaganda and censorship (forms of coercion) to control the oppressed group. For example, in the novel the Party (dominant group) has slogans like “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery” that they force the people to say every day. They also only give the people information that benefits the Party/makes the Party seem almighty and invincible. This connects to today’s society because like the Party, our government also has slogans now like “Make America Great Again”. This makes people believe that the government is great and are only doing good when in reality, the government is ruining lives as well. Additionally, in the novel, the Party uses technology to monitor the oppressed group. They do this to make sure that no one tries to rebel and if someone does plan on doing something, they will eliminate them before they can do any real harm to the Party. The people are forced into submission and killed if they disagree with the Party. In today’s society, the government also uses technology and social media to monitor the people. If someone were to plan an attack on the president or something, because of the power they have over all the technology that is being used everyday, they could prevent the attack. Moreover, in the novel the Party uses their power to censor the information given out to the public. The Party could do whatever they want and the people wouldn’t go against them since they wouldn’t even know about it. In today’s society, our government keeps information from the people and since we don’t know about it, we can’t protest and disagree with what they are doing. To conclude, the dominant groups in both the novel 1984 and today’s society use propaganda and censorship to monitor their people and in a sense control them. The dominant groups keep both power and privilege while the people stay ignorant and oppressed.

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  1. Nina 11 months ago

    Dear Alexa,

    I really agreed with your post “Fictional Novel and Reality: Do they connect?” I enjoyed that you talked about two modes of coercion and provided many examples to back up your point. I couldn’t agree more that your novel and reality today are very similar. Our government has done many of these things, and in many ways I wonder if this is something that happens in all governments and has happened under even Presidents we feel do represent us more than the current political leader. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading future posts.

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