To begin, the novel “FAHRENHEIT 451” does connect to 2017 because of consent and how people pay gratitude to the government just like in the book, also because of Coercion and how the government takes control of the USA and how in the book the government takes control of young kids and people. To start, people in the book are consenting to the government because of their power. When Montag was being asked a question and he answers with a very important word he is told and he explains, “What did you give the city, Montag? Ashes” (149). This quote shows consent in a different way because when he says ashes he is specifically saying that when he burned houses with books all he gave people were ashes which means that people are scared of him. Montag works for the government which means he has power and the people in the book are consenting because they don’t want ashes meaning they don’t want their houses burned down. This connects to 2017 because the government which are with Donald Trump are deporting people so e say because of them having crime records or because of nothing. If the case is because of crime records it will make people consent because they don’t want to get deported. Consent in this case is not to do crimes. In conclusion, the book “FAHRENHEIT 451” does connect to the real world 2017 because of the deportation cases and how people in the book are consenting because of the power the government has to burn their houses down.


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