Does this novel connect to 2017 because “different” people in this time are being segregated like in this novel. The different people are being  forced into perspective of the government  and people are coercion against them by not  going to work or opening. In the novel tris coercion against the government by being Divergent in a Dauntless place . There was a time where she shows Tris doing a coercion by breaking the glass from the  in the test . This shows an act of coercion and divergent. In conclusion, This 2017 is related to Divergent


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  1. Nina 3 years ago

    Thank you for your post about how Divergent connects to 2017. I really enjoyed reading your opinions on your book and reading the connection that you found in terms of segregation. One thing I was confused about was your discussion of coercion. I believe you are confused by this term. You said, “here was a time where she shows Tris doing a coercion by breaking the glass from the in the test.” However, coercion is something a government does to its people in order to get them to follow them. But, in this case Tris is actually rebelling against the coercion of the government and is illustrating anti-consent. Look forward to reading more about you and hearing more about your book.

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