To begin, the novel “Divergent” connects to 2017 because it is separating people because of their race.  In today’s world, people are being separated by race. Different races are fighting with each other about what race is better. This is also connecting to the novel because some may think that Dauntless is better than the other. To start, Beatrice was born and raised in Abnegation. She didn’t not feel like she belonged there so she switched to Dauntless. This shows how she thought she would have more power than in Abnegation because that’s where she felt like she belonged in.  That shows how she separated from one group to move to another because she didn’t belong there. This is also connecting to the real world because some people may feel like they dint belong in a certain group so they decide to leave.

To conclude, The novel “Divergent” connects to the real world because it is separating people by who they feel like they are.




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  1. Nina 4 years ago


    I really was moved by your post and the connection you made to today. The part that really stood out to me was how you talked about Tris moving Factions in order to get more power. It is interesting how the government separates them, but allows them to move. This of course, is really not how it works in the real world. However, can you think of examples where it does work? One that comes to mind for me is with class or economic differences. What do you think?

    Thanks for writing, and looking forward to reading what you write next.

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