To begin, in the book divergent there is a lot of connections to our world now in 2017 because of force. In the book divergent the goverment is making the people that live there make them do a test and maybe be what they dont want to become.

For Example, in this book they are making the people that are there to take a test and that test would choose what would your destiny be and who who you become throughout your life . The main protagonist in this book is tris she is a very and a not a give up person in the book she and other people have to take a test and she took hers and the women tori that was helping her take the test was surprised because there wasnt a conclusion to what tris would be she dint want to tell her at first but she told her that she is divergent and now she cant tell no one that she is diverngent and that makes their life more had because people that are divergent they get killed.

Photo by US Army Africa

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  1. Nina 3 years ago

    Dear Brayan,

    I really enjoyed your post and the connection it made between your novel and 2017. I think your claim is really clear and your picture supports your claim that force plays a very large role in the book. However, towards the end of your post I became very confused because your sentence continued on for ever. It is also very important to capitalize correctly and read over your all the time so that the power of your point is communicated to your audience.

    Can’t wait to read what you publish next.

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