To begin, the novel Uglies connects to 2017 because we are currently being separated by the color of our skin and where we are from. The novel Uglies is about a dystopian world, where everyone who turns 16 is able to get a surgery to fix their imperfections. There are 2 groups in this book, the uglies; people who haven’t had the surgery. The pretties, people who had the surgery; that is connecting to the real world because (Not to offend anyone, I understand that many people are not like this) there are white people who are more privileged than people of color. Such as that one white man (not stating his name because it disgusts me) who raped a girl and only got 3 months in prison that is not half of the amount a person of color will receive they will probably die in prison. Another example is people with papers and people without papers, that is also an example because with papers people are allowed to get more scholarships for college and they are allowed to get jobs quickly. People without papers have less power, as a child who has undocumented family members and friends they have told me that they are afraid of what will happen to them. This is clearly showing how people with paper have no need to be afraid they are not going to be sent back to “where they belong”. All these examples support my statement because our real world is based on separating each other into groups either it’s our sexuality, gender, race, nationality, and worth etc.

In conclusion, the novel Uglies  connects to 2017 because there is many things our world does wrong and one of them is dividing us up into certain groups that fit us best.


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  1. Nina 2 years ago


    Thank you for your very “real” post about segregation in our society around privilege and the segregation found in your novel. I would agree with Will above, that you had some very big arguments that can come off as general statements, and these may insult people who are white, but I also think it is important for people who are white to understand and empathize with people of color, and realize that they have privilege without even knowing it. This is often called the “invisible knapsack” of white privilege. If you don’t know about that you should read about it, it is very interesting. I really enjoyed your line: All these examples support my statement because our real world is based on separating each other into groups either it’s our sexuality, gender, race, nationality, and worth etc” in your writing because it really summed up your claim statement and also widened your claim to all segregation, not just racial segregation.

    Thank you for writing and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Will 2 years ago

    I like this a lot. I’m white, and i think maybe there are some misunderstandings, but I like your analysis of society. I think you did a good job of relating the groups in the books to the groups in the real world. How do you think these problems can be solved?

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