To begin, the novel 1984 connects to our society for many different reasons. One reason is because both societies have propaganda to promote certain beliefs. For example, in 1984, the Party uses slogans to promote that what they believe will create an Utopia. They use slogans such as “WAR IS PEACE” and ‘FREEDOM IS SLAVERY” so that the Party can remain in control of all of Oceania. The Party wants society to believe that the wrong things are right and that’s the way life has always been. Trump’s slogan “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” is an example of propaganda used to create harm because he is trying to reenact the white supremacy that occurred back in the 1800s and early to mid 1900s. “Making America Great Again” is Trump’s eyes is a society that is ruled by white people. Pushing minorities out of the US to create an Almighty White society. He is currently working towards that with laws like the muslim ban and performing checkpoints by ICE to deport undocumented minorities. Both examples show propaganda being used to gain power in a negative way. That will create separation between many cultures/races and stir up more stereotypes from ignorant people. These uses will create a dystopia in the world but create an utopia for certain people. In conclusion, both 1984 and the US are similar because of the uses of coercion to create problematic changes to society.

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  1. Nina 2 years ago


    Thank you for your post and your haunting connection between the two novels. It is clear that you have thought about this connection and the power of propaganda to do hard to the society, as it has done in both. My question for you is: Can propaganda be positive? How do you think it can be used to solve the problems in society? How can the people use propaganda in order to fight back against the coercers? Can we reclaim this as a tool for liberation.

    Thank you for writing, and I hope to hear more from you and your thoughts.

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