I believe 1984 (the book) connects to 2017 because there are so many things that are actually pretty controlled and a figure that is similar to Donald Trump himself but this figure in 1984 is a little less controllable. There is also propaganda as America seems to be able to become a state full of it. As the “Big Brother” in 1984 was advertised to seem like a good leader. Just like Donald Trump you(the reader) know his slogan “make America great Again” well “Big Brother” in our book has multiple slogans the biggest ones would be “War Is Peace” and “Ignorance Is Strength” indicating what “Big Brother” thinks. If you haven’t read the book “Big Brother” would be a figure of the government meaning that he is the leader of basically the whole area he owns (I’m not sure of what their state actually is).In the book there is constant surveillance of people being the telescreens or patrols and in 2017 there is also constant surveillance through technology or social media websites or perhaps a more current kind of patrol. To be honest this book has a lot of coercion instead of consent where they force people to not do certain things they want to do by using the rumor of them being constantly watched. If I was to compare the coercion or consent to 2017 I would have to say we (America) recently use consent coming from the votes in the election but there are things happening at the moment that I do not know of so if you,the reader, would have any knowledge of this then please share it so I can make this post more detailed.

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  1. Nina 2 years ago

    Dear Moe,

    Thank you for your post and your list of connections from your book to the world today. It is interesting to see so many parallels especially since your book was written write after WWII when people began really questioning government structures, dictators, and in some ways a loss of control and widespread oppression. You made so many connections and it was nice that you invited your reader to comment with additional connections as well. However, I would have loved to have read more evidence to expand on each connection further, since so much is packed into your one paragraph.

    I look forward to reading more from you about your novel and what you feel about the world today.

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