After performing some research on the Alexandria Gale source, the first thing that struck me was how little research there actually is on the specific disorder of hyperthymesia. Mostly, I found resources about diseases like Alzheimer’s, and an experiment on remembering.

One thing I noticed when reading the Alzheimer’s articles was that this form of degenerative memory loss is genetic. This made me think that perhaps a very strong memory is also genetic. This is something to think about because if hyperthymesia is a subconscious genetically passed down characteristic, perhaps it has less to do with harmful obsessive cataloging of memories and is more of a thoughtless and advantageous talent.

An experiment on memory classified the different types of memories and I determined that the type of memory that hyperthymesia relies on is episodic memory. This type of memory collects snapshots and puts memories in chronological order by capturing relative events to determine the time frame of the days of our lives. It is a part of long term memory.

Some more things to research and look into is whether there is a correlation between heredity and memory and whether or not episodic memory collection is subconscious or a constant thought process.


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