Posted by Ryan on February 14, 2017

Intelligence Gale Research

The media, especially movies, can be very misleading when portraying the life of a spy and the intelligence community as a whole. A very significant example of this would obviously be seen in almost every James Bond film, like Skyfall per se. Believe it or not, the film Skyfall actually shows, to a point, a somewhat accurate representation of the issues they could be facing. These could include cyber threats and all of the information the internet can possess, government accountability when it comes to their intelligence services, and many other conflicts actually being faced in the modern world. This specific movie serves as a precursor to the works of Edward Snowden, with leaks within MI6, and references to Wikileaks. So the threats portrayed in these films can be more than real, but it’s the process by which these threats are taken down that are drastically exaggerated. The point is, if you want to watch one of the more accurate films, Skyfall is the one, as it offers prominent rendering of areas such as cryptography, surveillance, cyber warfare, and signals intelligence.

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