In the Gale Research Database, I found two articles that show how two different coaches developed their unique styles of offense. One article from NPR highlighted the A-11 Offense developed Kurt Bryan, the head coach at Piedmont High School in California. The A-11 spreads out a typical formation, to the point where the defense does not know who is an eligible receiver and who is a designated lineman. This offense is very tricky to defend and has brought Piedmont success in last couple seasons, going 7-4 and 8-3 in back-to-back seasons. Coach Bryan stated that the reason for developing this offense was because their school did not have the top athletes like other schools in their division, so to even out the playing field, they needed to be a little more tricky to hang with the big boys.


In the other article I read from the Washington Post, it detailed how young NFL coach Kyle Shanahan, former offensive coordinator of the NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons, now the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, developed his unique offense as well. Kyle Shanahan is the son of the former great NFL coach, Mike Shanahan. Kyle had begun his NFL tenure under his father and uses many similar elements in his offense to his father. However, other coaches along the way have rubbed off on him as well, each shaping more his offensive mind. All these influences helped Kyle Shanahan to run the top offense in the NFL this year, a mix of a west coast passing scheme with a pro-style shotgun running game including many options looks as well through the pistol formation.


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  1. Ernesto 2 years ago

    Dear Alex,
    I am questioning what you said about the offense in nfl being difficult because that picture of the line up wasw easy to identify. What was happening in that play or who can run out for the pass.

  2. Alex 2 years ago

    Do NFL teams have the most complicated offenses? You should relate the complexity of formations and plays of the highest levels of football to the lowest. Great post though that is very enlightening to those who do not know much about the game!

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