In a continuation of the research paper I began last week, seen here, I decided to do more research to help find the answer to my thesis question. I have to decided to narrow down my research question to better fit my theory. What is the relationship between violent outbursts in youth and what they learn from others around them? Summarizing what I found last week, I realized I needed to read more original source material as most of what is on google is just an echo chamber of theories. To begin with I went online to the Gale website to see what I could find.


In my first article, Youth Violence Has Various Causes, I learned that Ronald D. Stephens, the executive director of the National School Safety Center, believes that from his research with justifiable evidence that things like criminal backgrounds, gang involvement, drug involvement, along with other stereotypes are not accurate indicators of violence in the school. However one solution that I didn’t expect to find was that early intervention activities, programs, churches, social agencies, and schools are the best way to keep delinquent behavior from becoming ingrained.

In the second article I read, Violence, Crime, Victimization, and Safety in Schools, I found a lot of interesting statistics that  could help provide further evidence in deciding where violence originates from. These studies researched backgrounds based on grade level, race, and sex, and found that no one factor indicated any significant increase in violence in school.

As I continue to research more and more articles I find more data pointing to the accuracy of my theory than against it, yet, that alone isn’t enough to justify my view.


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