The idea of integrating government controlled health care in the US is daunting, particularly due to our values of freedom from government intervention. Many in our country think that things like health care and education should be left up to the individual to “fend for themselves” as it were. This is an ominous mindset to have, especially in the scope of the greater good of our society. The fact of the matter is that the working class and unemployed can not afford medical care for themselves, so we have Medicare and Medicaid. Yet there are still people who would wish to cut the funding for such problems. Look at the countries around us! Canada has integrated health care into its government covered utilities (payed for by the people in the form of taxes). France has also socialized healthcare. If we want to take a step towards a truly equal america, we must first make all resources actually available for people from all walks of life. Health care is one of the staples of basic necessities, and we need to regulate more!






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