Through my research on the topic of dropping the bombs on Japan, I have found many unique perspectives on the issue. In e research for this post I focused on the perspective of members of the US military. Below are two sources written by or for members of the US military from their perspectives.

In the first source, I found a very interesting take on the US role in the war. He started by pointing out that Japan was the aggressor in this situation. Many people see the US as bullies in this situation, but really in the end our role in the war was self defense. While the execution may be controversial, the reason for dropping the bomb was to end the conflict, and prevent furor loss of US lives. Above all, the focus of this perspective was that Japan brought this upon themselves, and should be willing to deal with the consequences of a conflict they started.

The second source takes a different stand on this issue, yet still in support of the dropping of the bomb. This source took the position that the net loss of lives in dropping the bomb was fewer than had a mainland invasion of Japan occurred. In specific, he stated that the estimate death toll of he invasions was 1 million, and that the conflict would have persist led for many more months. This perspective makes a very reasonable argument that dropping the bomb limited the death toll and time of the war.


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  1. Seth 2 years ago

    These sources seem reputable and informative. I think many would agree that the use of the bomb in that situation was appropriate given that it, in the end, would save 1 million lives, as you mentioned. However, for the purpose of writing an argumentative essay it may be beneficial to include a source that does not support the dropping of the bomb. Good start, Matt!

  2. Jean-Jules 2 years ago

    I found this very interesting and compelling to read. I do agree with the dropping of the bombs, and it was interesting to see two soldiers who actually fought agree with the bomb because it lessened American casualties and prevented the war from continuing longer. I found this very interesting and am excited to read more on the topic.

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