I decided to do my research paper on the Mars mission because I have always been interested in space travel, and in the news it has been said that this is going to be a death mission. Why though? Is it due to a lack of resources? Is this mission to find extraterrestrial life? Will humans be living on Mar in the future due to the ongoing catastrophes happening on earth? These are of the many questions I am trying to answer. I also speculate that the government his hiding information on why this mission is so important. Another interesting thing to see is the conspiracies to come with the mission. Just like Apollo mission, people believe it never happened, or the missions that were successful encountered extraterrestrial life on the moon. Space is a big mystery, being trapped in our own world, who knows what goes on outside of earth. Besides, maybe the government.

NASA states that the journey to mars will take place in the 2030’s. Because of previous missions like the curiosity rover, the safety of the astronauts have increased due to the information being relayed back to NASA. Plus they are sending another rover in 2020 which will give scientist an idea of Martian resources, especially oxygen. Upon doing some research on the Mars mission. I came across key information on the mars one website. The website stated that this was a one way trip to in fact colonize the planet. This establishment is not planning on being on the planet temporarily, scientist hope for this establishment to be permanent. This website also gives you background on the selection process for who gets to go to Mars, and the finalist too. mars photo




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