Before starting my research my initial claim was that it is more beneficial to your health to eat organic foods and that the pros outweigh the cons.  After getting into my research I found this claim to not be so true. I found that my claim is contrary to the beliefs and studies of many.  I found that even though organic food had less pesticide residue and sometimes organic meat has less antibiotic-resistant bacteria scientists found no convincing evidence that organically grown food was more nutritious or contained more nutrients or vitamins. They didn’t find any  were measurable health benefits for people eating organic foods.


On the other hand, I did find some research on the positive effects of organic farming on the environment. Farmers have to  try out new locally adapted seed varieties, rotate crops, plow back stalks, plant cover crops, and experiment with many natural approaches to control weeds and insects. Organic farming can be tougher than conventional agriculture but that is because it is more “hands on”and  “more rewarding.”

 Farmers need to learn to grow food more feasible.  Neither organic nor conventional agriculture can be the only method to sustain the Earth, so we have to combine the best combination of industrial production with organic  practices. This way we can sustain the billions of people on Earth and generations to come.

I initially made this claim believing it was true because of the advertisement and the hype of organic foods.  After doing some research I have found that it is more of a trend that a health benefit.  I must say I was very surprised by what U found because of all that organic products are made out to be.  With further research I hope to find out more 




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