When i started read the Hunger Games i kept reading it i don’t remember what chapter when katniss’s mom was so sick she couldn’t cook for their children and Katniss found a solution for it, similar to that once time i came to school and it was a Friday my mom she was not feeling good and then school was great as always, i got out of the school i went to wait for the but at  bus stop, bus took to long to come, i was so happy because it was friday, mostly of my fridays is good because is the last day of school and get the weekend off, go somewhere with the family or hang out with my friends, while i was waiting for the bus i got a message from my mom she was not feeling good, my feeling became to sad, i wished the bus was there and drop me off to my house, and see my mom how she is, but finally the bus came there was a lot of people in, the next bus stops there was people waiting for it, i was worried for my mom i didn’t anything else than be with mom, when i get out of bus i started room from the bus stop to my house, i live in the next corner, and then i got home my mom she were drinking her medicine, and i got the solution to call somebody to check her if everything was okay with her i was worry about her but she was okay,  the reason that I’m telling this story because is kinda the same thing happened with Katniss when her mom was sick, she were finding solution of it in my opinion Katniss is a good daughter.

CC BY-SA 4.0 The Hunger Games: Journal by Emerson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Maggie 2 years ago

    I too believe Katniss was a good child daughter as her main goal was to help and protect her family. Katniss main concern, regardless of outside pressures, is to aid her family in whatever problem they’re facing.

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