To be honest, I really don’t know why people wanted to vote for Trump to be the next president. Also, I’ve seen a video about Trump saying he’s gonna make America great again, but all he was doing was just insulting Clinton and saying she’s not gonna do anything to change America. It’s very immature for him to do or say something like that about her. And maybe the reason why people voted for him was because he kept saying he’s gonna help the poor become more wealthy and rich, and also, more black people believed in his actions because they were probably upset with the progress that was happening when Obama was president. But, when I saw how many people voted for Clinton, I already knew she wasn’t gonna win the election. My whole family loved what she was saying and doing for everyone and how everyone was gonna be treated equally. And lots of people were saying Michelle Obama should run for president, but she kept saying no for reasons. But I see why. Being president is like having a life-long job and keeping track of Illinois is a lot of work. She wants to have time to spend with her children and her husband while she has the chance. When I heard those words “We’re gonna make America great again”, I already knew he wasn’t gonna do anything but try to build a wall to block off Mexico and then say he’s gonna make them pay for the wall. The president of Mexico didn’t like that at all.




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