every now and then one of you teachers ask you what superpower you would want to have  like say if a person asked you what would you prefer if they said what bool you would write about there are endless possibilities but you know all about them and if you don’t know then you could infer what the book (aka power) was about so would you choose

flying,super speed,controlling things with your mind,controlling elements,teleportation (wink wink nudge nudge),laser eyes,super strength

any super power you want but that’s not what i an trying to say here i’m telling you what super power i would choose i would choose teleportation because there are many things you could do with teleportation like go through time go any where you want in a matter of milliseconds and you can get out of many bad situations with it teleportation its what i would choose and if i could choose a second power it would be to control all the elements but that is the power is the one i will always choose

so i choose teleportation


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