Every day there are many children/teens that are in between the ages of 11 and 17 years olds. They use drugs for their first time in their life at very young age. Lots of teens/children are on the streets selling drugs or in their schools selling drugs because they may think it is the most easiest way for them to get/make money. They may think it is the fastest way to hustle and make money at a young age.They can get addicted to drugs or might get caught selling drugs. Therefore, drugs are an issue in Oakland because people use because they think it is the fastest way to earn money and they start using to get over problems and peer pressure, so it is important we focus on this issue to stop drug use.


Teens mainly are selling drugs because they do think it is one of the easiest ways of getting money. In the article “The high schooler who allegedly ran a $3 million drug ring” by CNN a 17 year old student in Ohio was in a Marijuana drug ring that made $20,000 minimum per Month. The 17 year old student was arrested in Mason High School with also seven adults between ages 20 and 58. Police and investigators authorities seized more than 600 high-grade marijuana plants from multiple hydroponic grow houses in the cities of Blue Ash, Norwood and Hamilton. Investigators approximated that all plants together were worth a street value of $3 million all together. This is showing that they’re getting a lot of money at a young age. Other teens may want to also do the same thing and get money at a young age, but they are not aware of the consequences.

In Oakland, one of the most common situations in the community is the massive influence that drugs have on the city, and drugs are addictive to have in a city or even in a small community. The people who use the drugs are most likely using the drugs because they have problems themselves or within their close family or friends.

Peer Pressure is one of the reasons that drugs have such a substantial amount of influence in the communities of Oakland and living or growing up with drugs around your environment is not uncommon. Most teens/children are curious and early exposure to drugs increases the chances of them wanting to use drugs in the future.

I got some information that was given to me from Hector Hernandez, student of Life Academy age 15. When Hector from Life Academy was asked about what he thought about drugs, the question was “Do you think selling drugs in school or outside school is easy?” His response was “Yes I think selling drugs inside school could be easy because no one well notice or know about the actions and I wouldn’t get caught because I seem innocent.” This was really deep because young students at young age think it’s easy to sell drugs. I also asked another question asking about “Do you think selling drugs is the easiest thing to do to make money?”His response was “Not really but I think it’ll be easy to sell drugs in Oakland since many teens sell and YEA I think it’s the fastest way to make money because its just passing something for exchange of money. Quick money fast money.”

This is showing how there is a big amount of  young people selling drugs. The amount of them selling them is also very high. That should be stopped because some of them aren’t even teens and they  are already making bad decisions. In conclusion, when they are really young, they are making bad decisions and that is one day going to affect their future. They should  be stopped  now before they get older and something worse happens like them going to jail. They are still teens and they may not realize the consequences right now but when they get older they’re going to realize what they will go through.


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  1. Simon 1 year ago

    Hectors responses to the questions about drugs shocked me. I knew that it was a problem, being in high school and seeing it first hand, but did not see the larger long term implications you pointed out in your piece. I wonder wether there have been studies done on high school drug dealers and where their lives go after they get caught. After reading this article https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/monitoring-future-survey-high-school-youth-trends I am hopeful that this habit can change for many. thanks for sharing this story, I look forward to reading your writings in the future.

  2. Andres 2 years ago

    Hi Gilberto,

    I agree with what you said about young people already trying drugs at an early age. They don’t realize what the consequences will be when they actually experience it. I also agree that peer pressure plays a big role in teens using drugs. Some teens don’t get taught the consequences of drugs and think it’s harm free. So I think schools should have a program about the consequences of other different drugs. Just like how some schools have sex-ed they should do something like that for drugs more.

  3. Jessica 2 years ago

    Your post has done a very good job bringing to my attention the large influence of making fast money with young children and teens. I never thought too much about this aspect but you bring a good point in supporting your thoughts on why maybe there are so many selling drugs. On the other hand, I would disagree with your comment on how teens are not aware of the consequences. I believe that they are very much aware of possible consequences but see the benefit of getting fast money more satisfying at the moment which blurs the cost of their actions, for example going to jail as you mentioned. I do appreciate you projecting your desire to take action in stopping teens, I am looking forward to more of your work.

  4. Janeth 2 years ago

    Hi Gilberto,
    It saddens me that children so young in between the ages of 11 and 17 are already trying drugs because they are still so young and don’t realize how bad it could be for them, that really caught my attention in your blog. But, I do agree that peer pressure is where common drug use comes from because most young teens want to follow the crowd. Also, I do agree with you it is best if children learn about the consequences that drugs will lead them to because like you said it does get worse as they get older, it may be fast money but it’s not the right way to earn money. I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs, great job!

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