The stressors that impact my day-to-day life is letting my work pile up on me. When I have an assignment due, I don’t complete it until right before the due date. It is because there are other assignments on top of that and also there are directions I can’t comprehend when the teacher gives out that assignment.

I felt those stressors impact my emotions because I give my family attitudes over little things when I have work to do. Those stressors also have impact on my learning because when I have an assignment due that exact day I try to get it completed during another class. I try to multitask but it doesn’t work. When I try to do another assignment and learn at the same time, it seems like too much weight on me and that causes me to fall behind. This gives me a small headache.
The interesting effects about stress in the playlist videos was that stress will give you a disease caused by the increase cortisol that causes you to eat a lot and become overweight and makes you unhealthy. This is interesting to me because I don’t eat a lot when I stress. I tend to eat very little and play music to calm my mind down. Another interesting effect about stress in the video is that it can make my brain smaller and the connections between my neurons get lost. It also affects my learning, judgements, and decision making when it comes to certain situations.It might be important to find ways to manage your stress because you don’t want to carry that on for rest of your life and become unhealthy.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Stress, you RUIN MY LIFE! by Kmahjanay is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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