My topic is about the beauty standards that “Instagram models” are setting. They use Instagram as their main platform to share pictures from their glamorous, adventurous and perfect lives. Girls follow these accounts and strive to copy the lifestyle and photos. However most girls don’t realize that the Instagram model’s lives and photos are staged. I am interested in this topic because my friends and I are constantly looking at and comparing ourselves to Alexus Reneg, Madison Beer, and other famous Instagram personas. I have seen stories before of previous Instagram models exposing themselves for taking a photo of a situation that was completely staged. I wanted to delve deeper into this and hopefully bring self confidence back to girls who are comparing themselves to these imaginary lifestyles.

A website from the U.K. caked telegraph has an article about an ex-Instagram model who exposed herself for creating her photos. She talks about how she would take one shot 100 times just to get it perfect and spend a large amount of money on clothing just to look a certain way in a photo. She says “The more aspirational the better; workouts, behind the scenes on shoots and holiday snaps of me looking great somewhere exotic are the aim of the game.” The goal of the page is to promote themselves and continue to raise number of followers. Eventually they get sponsorships and begin posting about products they are paid to post about. Before comparing one’s own life to an Instagram model’s, make sure that what you are comparing to is real and not staged. Almost everything on Instagram is fake or a facade of what really happened.

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  1. Emma 3 years ago

    Isa this is a really interesting aspect of instagram, since instagram is such huge part of many youths life what they see can slowly conform their lives without even knowing. I think that many girls in this generation strive for the impossible and it is important to show the fallacy behind what people are striving for.

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