For my research project, I am interested in researching what Social Media site had the most political posts during the past election season. In my own experience, the three major social media sites; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all became highly politized. The political posts on these sites would inevitably lead to an epidemic of fake news which I think is important to consider while researching this topic. In my own opinion, I feel that facebook became highly political and highly aggressive in those political posts. When researching I think I will find similar beliefs.

An article by NPR that asked how social media ‘ruined’ the election claimed that twitter and Facebook were the most political sites but that the politics of them were very different. On Twitter, people shame each other into believing a certain point of view while on facebook there are threats of unfriending due to political views. Both have been home to political banter. Another interesting point that I found while researching was a claim made by and Gov Tech article that social media is more political because of the fact that the majority of Americans get their daily news from social media sites such as Twitter and facebook.


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