Confidence seems to be something that many want, and few truly have.

In an article on titled “Use It Or Lose It: The Science Behind Self-Confidence”,  author Margie Warrell wrote, “often people think of confidence as something that the lucky few are born with and the rest are left wishing for it.”

Not true.

Confidence is not something we’re born with; it’s the result of our thoughts and actions. Warrell writes, “It is not based on your actual ability to succeed at a task but your belief in your ability to succeed.”

It has been said that the beliefs we hold – whether true or not – direct our actions and shape our lives. Luckily new research into neural plasticity reveals that we can literally rewire our brains to alter our thoughts and behaviors at any age. So no matter how timid or doubtful you are, building self-confidence is largely by choice.

It’s human for our confidence to grow and diminish throughout our entire lives; however, it’s heightened when we have positive experiences. It falls short, however, when we’re criticized, rejected or simply feel a lack of external recognition.

  1. Mayree 3 years ago

    Malia, I like how you researched this topic. I would never have thought of this, but is true that confidence is a basic topic that people feel one might inherit. In this world their are many people who are confidence and I never thought that confidence was considered a choice. Everyone has their insecurities, I know I do. It is hard to be confident in the world in which we live, people are always judging you and looking down upon you. I like this topic and would love to hear more.

  2. Vanessa 3 years ago

    I really like what you have researched, confidence it something that everyone struggles with and it is about time that we all realize that it is in us. Confidence is something that I have constantly struggled with throughout my life. After reading this I have closure with knowing that I have it in me and that I just need to change my ways of thinking by believing in myself and thinking positive thoughts.

    Thank you very much for sharing this and I cannot wait to see the further information you get on this topic.

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